Diesel and Autoelectric Service Ltd.

For the past century or so, Bosch has been the leader in Automotive technology and research. With us you are guaranteed top quality, top performance diagnostics, spare parts and service. If you wish to know more about Bosch as a global leader in automotive services and technology, please feel free to visit the company's main website for auto electrics at the following link.

Bosch Auto Parts Home - www.boschautoparts.com


Here at DAS, we represent and specialize in all related Bosch automotive products. Our technicians are qualified to deal with all things concerning the maintenance and installation of diesel autoelectric systems. We provide labor and spare parts for all major systems, in addition to providing a diagnostic service to diagnose and analyze the condition of our customers vehicles. Below is a list displaying the products we supply, in accordance to the official product list of the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket website.